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Teiko Jounior High Basketball

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like who remember this anime

I guess everyone ^_^..I am so excited to see the next live-action movie…

cr: hangdok @ deviantart​

This is so easy that I might make a stupid mistake. 


Both of them are beautiful!!!! <3


by にしおぎほくと

fact 201: Marui Bunta is also known as the ‘Volley Specialist’.

“I realized why I was lost. It’s not because I didn’t have a map… It was because I didn’t have a destination.”

- Takemoto Yuuta  (Honey And Clover)

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They’re all kawaii especially Fuji and Kaidoh!...
I agree! In that photoset they are all so cute. I like Inui though he looks like a chibi mad scientist..hehe